Legacy Canine Reproduction and Wellness

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Service Area and Scheduling

The unpredictable nature of reproductive medicine and the travel/time limitations of mobile practice, make scheduling one of our biggest challenges!  We are working hard to find a schedule that will allow us to see clients both inside and outside of our regular mobile service area.  We also hope to accommodate last minute reproductive emergencies as much as possible.  It is a work in progress!


Rhodesian DogStationary Morning Clinic Hours:

In order to accommodate as many clients as possible and extend services to clients outside of our service area, we try to schedule several hours of morning appointments in a stationary location.  Currently we are setting up at a location in Bradenton (off of I-75, Exit 217). 



Hunting DogHouse/Kennel Calls:

We will schedule traditional mobile house call appointments Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays starting as soon as morning clinic appointments are completed (typically late morning to early afternoon).

Our home base is in Manatee County Florida (Lakewood Ranch area).  We currently have a regular mobile service area of approximately 40 miles with a graduated house call fee schedule based on mileage.  House calls outside of our normal service area will be considered with special arrangements as the schedule allows.

House call appointments are available for wellness/diagnostic services (for a minimum of 4 pets) as well as surgical/dental services.  The house call fee is per home/kennel (not per patient) so the more pets that we can see in a single visit, the better the value!     


Puppies in a basketProgesterone testing:

Progesterone testing is by appointment only.  Blood draws are typically done during morning clinic hours but because these hours can vary from day to day, we are unable to accommodate walk in appointments.  Please allow extra time for your first progesterone appointment so that we have time to gather all of the important information regarding your breeding plan and perform any additional diagnostic testing that may be necessary while she is still early in her cycle!  

Results for progesterone levels drawn during morning clinic hours will be available by early to late afternoon on the same day.

Results for progesterone levels drawn during afternoon mobile hours will be run after clinic hours and results will be available next day.



Frenchie with puppiesEmergency C-Sections:

While we offer and depend on pre-breeding progesterone timing as well as reverse progesterone testing in order to deliver puppies safely during regular business hours as much as possible, we understand that ultimately we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and emergencies are inevitable!

Limited*** (see details below) after hours service for emergency c-sections will be available EXCLUSIVELY for patients who meet the following criteria:

1.  The breeding was timed with progesterone levels through our practice. 

2.  An elective c-section is planned and scheduled in advance.   

3.  Pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound between 25 and 45 days post ovulation.  (This is important so that we are able to have an on call schedule in advance to ensure that staff is available!)

4.  You reside within our regular mobile service area (or are willing to meet at a location within our service area).

Emergency services for patients outside of these parameters is at the discretion of the doctor and is dependent on the availability of the doctor and staff.  

***After hours limitations: Our emergency line will be monitored until 10pm weeknights and weekends starting 2 days prior to a scheduled elective c-section.  Our elective c-sections are typically scheduled for 62 days post ovulation. Should your bitch go into premature labor (prior to day 60), we cannot guarantee availability after hours.

NOTE: At this time, we are unable to provide after hours service for planned free whelping.  By way of explanation - During regular business hours, it can take us 1-2 hours to travel and arrive at a location for surgery.  After hours, it is a minimum of 2-3 hours.  With elective c-sections, when we get a call that a bitch has started showing signs of stage I labor, in most cases we have adequate time to travel and set up prior to the bitch or pups getting into an emergency situation.  Once a bitch has started to whelp, the time table for successful emergency intervention is very short.  In those cases, travelling to your closest emergency hospital provides the best chance for a positive outcome for both mom and pups!

Please remember that we are a staff of 2 and we work full time day practice 5 to 7 days a week.  We currently monitor 20-30 pregnant dogs per month on top of our other scheduled daily appointments.  While we make every effort to be there for delivery, we cannot practice safely or at our best if we aren't able to sleep!  We appreciate your understanding.