Legacy Canine Reproduction and Wellness

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Reproduction Services

The following is a list of our most commonly requested services.  If there is a service that you don't see listed, please don't hesitate to ask!  We are always eager to expand services to best meet your needs!


Belgians in a suitcaseFor the Ladies (over 2yrs):

Breeding management with in house progesterone testing (miniVidas)

Artificial insemination - Vaginal, Transcervical, and Surgical

Pregnancy diagnosis (via ultrasound) and puppy count (via x-ray)

C-sections (scheduled and emergency) and whelping assistance

High risk pregnancy management (luteal failure, canine maternal hydrops, gestational diabetes) 

Mastitis therapy

Mismate therapy

Pyometritis therapy (medical and surgical)

Reproductive Surgery (vulvoplasty, neoplasia of the reproductive tract)

Endoscopic evaluation of the reproductive tract 


Belgian Puppy BoysFor the Gentleman (over 18mos):

Infertility work-ups

Semen collection and evaluation

Shipment of fresh chilled semen (limited availability)

Semen freezing and storage (See our frozen semen page for more information!)

Prostate evaluation and therapy

Reproductive Surgery (cryptorchid neuter, paraphimosis, neoplasia of the reproductive tract)


Belgian PuppyFor the Littles:

Neonatal assessment and tailored therapy (midline defects, "swimmer pups", cleft palate management)

Tail and dewclaw removal

Litter Services (wellness exams, vaccinations, health certificates)

Neonatal intensive care (24h ICU care provided by DVM and/or CVT)

Client education to maximize neonatal survival 


Husky PuppiesAdditional Reproduction Services:

Breed specific health testing

Breed club and event educational seminars

Veterinary intern/extern opportunities (coming soon!)

Short term boarding for breeding/whelping - Space is limited and advanced reservations are required!