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After nearly 15 years in private practice, Dr. Gallaher was frustrated with the difficulty in providing the highest quality reproductive medicine and surgery in a general practice setting.  Due in large part to a lack of available training in the field of reproductive medicine, there exists a widespread lack of knowledge and understanding of the needs of dedicated breeders among veterinary professionals.   Compounding the situation is the widespread "Adopt, Don't Shop" mentality that dominates social media, falsely generalizing and influencing the average pet owner's opinion of all intentional breeding.  The end result is often a general practice environment where responsible breeders feel judged and unwelcome. 

A lack of ability during busy clinic days to accommodate necessary last minute scheduling or provide after hours services left breeders at the mercy of emergency rooms with doctors with little to no experience in reproductive medicine, in some cases costing the lives of bitches and puppies that were the result of decades of careful planning. 

With the majority of canine reproduction patients in some state of immune system compromise (pregnancy, young puppies), it was frustrating to have these patients continually exposed to the sick and potentially contagious pets that were being seen simultaneously in a busy hospital setting. 

Finally, the ever-rising costs of veterinary care due in part to the high overhead of maintaining a large hospital and employing qualified staff made general wellness services (vaccinations, internal parasite testing, dental care, breed specific health testing) less accessible to a client base with a continuous need for veterinary care and a larger number of dogs to provide for.

Lots of puppies

Legacy Canine Reproduction and Wellness is “dedicated veterinary medicine for the dedicated breeder” and is the culmination of years of experience in various practice environments while striving to provide the very best reproductive and medical care to a very special, well established, and under-served client base.  It is our hope that the first Legacy Canine Reproduction and Wellness mobile unit is just the beginning of a movement within the field of veterinary medicine to support the people who breed thoughtfully, responsibly, and purposefully.  We hope to encourage the continued work of these individuals to produce healthy dogs of predictable structure and temperament.  Whether the purpose is hunting or sport, law enforcement or military work, search and rescue or therapy and assistance, or simply well suited companionship, these dogs that are so carefully produced, make our society better and our lives richer.  We as a company are committed to serving these individuals and their canines to the best of our ability and to educate future generations of veterinary professionals in this very important field of veterinary medicine.