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Frozen Semen Services

We have spent a great deal of time determining how to provide the best frozen semen services to our clients.  We realize that freezing and storing semen is an investment in the future and we are dedicated to protecting that investment!  We have years of experience handling frozen semen and managing frozen semen breedings, but when we decided to offer a full range of freezing services as a primarily mobile practice, we had some figuring to do!  Our biggest concern as a staff of only two and with a schedule that keeps us away from our home base most of the day, was making sure that your frozen semen was accessible when you need it!  We have now completed training and certification through Zoetis Reproductive Services to become a Zoetis Freeze Center.  This partnership enables us to provide our clients with personal service at home along with multiple options for long term storage, including affordable and hassle free shipping both nationally and internationally.


Lots of puppiesStorage

If you plan to use your frozen semen through our practice, we have invested in top of the line storage equipment to accommodate long term storage on site for this purpose.

If you plan to ship your frozen semen nationally or internationally, we will collect and freeze your samples on site and arrange for transfer to the corporate Zoetis Frozen Semen Storage Center (at no cost to you).  Zoetis maintains a top of the line secure storage facility that is staffed and ready to transfer your frozen semen with 24h notice to any of their contracted private practices for a very reasonable flat fee or to any private practice for a fraction of the cost of making private shipping arrangements.

Zoetis Reproduction Services

Please visit the Zoetis site or contact their customer service line at 800-228-4305 (Option 4) for more information on the storage facility and services that they provide.  We are excited about this partnership and happy to answer any questions that you may have!



Tiny PuppyRequired documentation

 Signed Zoetis Contract for Storage of Frozen Semen (sent in first-visit information packet)

Signed LCRW Contract for Storage of Frozen Semen (sent in first-visit information packet)

Copy of stud's registration certificate

Two recent color photographs of the stud (one front view, one side view)

Copy of permanent identification (microchip or tattoo)

Copy of stud dog's AKC DNA profile

Copy of negative canine brucellosis test result obtained within the past 90 days

If a collection will be owned by one of multiple stud owners, a Record of Collection Ownership must be completed and signed.

If international shipments are planned for breeding overseas, additional requirements may need to be considered.  (We will collect additional blood samples at the time of freezing (valid for additional testing for a period of 2 months) in the event that further testing for export is necessary.)


Dog with her puppiesScheduling and Deposits

Currently we are scheduling one "Freeze Day" per month (typically the last Thursday of the month).  We will schedule a maximum of 5 dogs per day and a deposit of $150.00 will be due at the time of scheduling. This deposit is non-refundable if the appointment is cancelled with less than 48h notice.  The semen freezing process takes approximately 6-8 hours of time and attention from our entire staff which means that we cannot schedule other appointments on freeze days.   Your respect for our time and our client base is appreciated.